Smart button for Facility Management

The essential link for the smooth running of companies.

Button Hop solution with Smart Button, Tablet application and back office

Strengthen customer service

Its goal is to improve the quality and safety of the work environment in order to create the conditions necessary for the operational and economic performance of the company.

To succeed in their mission, facility managers need reliable, localized and real-time feedback on what is happening in the field in order to trigger the necessary actions.

Quality of life at work

In a factory composed of several buildings, a global order of hand soap is placed, but how to know to which building to allocate the quantity of consumable just necessary ? How to know there is a fluctuation of the needs ?

During replenishment rounds, simply press Button Hop to initiate an order, which allows for real-time adaptation to changing needs.

An alert can also be sent to the facility manager when the thresholds provided for in the contract are close to being exceeded, so that he can take stock of the rates and not be faced with an overrun invoice without having validated it beforehand.


If a flammable or slippery liquid is spilled on a traffic area in a business, the cleanup crew must know where to intervene and do so quickly with the proper equipment to avoid over-accidents.

Button Hop allows operators to trigger these requests by specifying the type of liquid spilled, which gives an indication to the cleaning crew to get the right equipment and clean up the mess without wasting time.

And because Button Hop is attached to a workstation, the cleaning crew knows exactly where to go, allowing them to respond in a timely manner.

These events can also be analyzed after the fact thanks to the data recording, which makes it possible to identify the recurring risks and to be able to bring a perennial solution there.

Button Hop supports Facilities teams on a daily basis to save time and meet their quality and safety objectives, and thus contributes to the operational and economic performance of the company.

Need to facilitate the interventions of your Facilities teams ?