Maintenance has a strategic role within the company.

Button Hop solution with Smart Button, Tablet application and back office

Facilitating maintenance

Managing a company's maintenance requires listening to what is happening in the field : checking that professional equipment is in perfect working order, anticipating and planning maintenance due to wear and tear, and if necessary, carrying out unexpected repairs or replacements.

The objective is to ensure that the operational staff have a functional work tool to enable them to meet the deadlines and have the least impact on the organization of the Supply Chain.

Controlling equipment : Who knows their work tools better than the operators ? The maintenance department must therefore rely on them to be warned of a malfunction.

However, the transmission of information is sometimes complex for these operators due to several factors :

Language barriers, disability, illiteracy, complex processes, writing, scanning, or entering a request for intervention into a software program can quickly become time-consuming, tedious, or even impossible, for some operators.

What happens then ?

The information is not transmitted, which can generate a cascade of costs : stop of the Supply Chain flow, stop of the operators, breakage of tools when a repair would have been possible upstream…

In companies with rotating shifts (3x8, 5x8), we also regularly see requests for interventions that are not reported and left to the good care of the next shift.

These situations generate costs, stress and inter-service tensions.

Thanks to Button Hop simplifies the transmission of information :

The operator can signal, as soon as he detects it, from his workstation, a malfunction or a breakdown, by simply pressing the button.

A message is then transmitted to the maintenance department at the right time, to the right person, via the right channel, in order to reduce intervention times, interdepartmental friction and the resulting additional costs.

It is also a great analysis and decision making tool for the maintenance department.

Indeed, Button Hop allows to bring out statistics, such as the number of interventions carried out, the time spent per machine, the most changed parts... which allows to optimize predictive maintenance, or to arbitrate between a repair and a renewal of the tool.

The use of Button Hop, therefore, allows to communicate effectively to act earlier and thus reduce human tension and additional costs.

You have recognized certain situations and want to test the effectiveness of Button Hop ?