Identify bottlenecks, improve communication processes and create flows that automate processes to the right channels.

Transmission on information

Transmission of information

A press of the button triggers an event (machine start/stop, defective part...)

Taking orders

Taking orders

Order of replenishment of line edge, order of consumables for industrial machines

Recording events

Recording events

Change of a part on a machine, maintenance performed, machine lubrication

Request an intervention

Request an intervention

Maintenance, Product removal, Cleaning, Quality service...

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In the field, directly from my workstation, I communicate with the entire digital environment of my company.

No more oral procedures, in paper format or in complex software...

I gain time and serenity with each support !

Button Hop solution with Smart Button, Tablet application and back office

How does it work ?

Button Hop, thanks to its expertise in digital transformation and its 100% autonomous connected button (IoT), offers you a simple, accessible solution adapted to your level of digital maturity, in order to accompany you towards industry 4.0.

No need for WiFi, a gateway or even an electrical outlet. Put Button Hop on and it works !

Thanks to our management interface accessible via Internet, personalize the actions carried out at the time of a support.

Our tablet and smartphone applications will accompany your teams in the field on a daily basis to improve their quality of life at work and productivity.

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Smart button for companies

The offers for companies

Empower your teams to save time on a daily basis. Let's find out how to install Button Hop and connect it with your digital environment.

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IoT device for consulting

The offers for consultants

Button Hop is an easy-to-use solution for capturing data and automating processes. We will be happy to discuss your issues and those of your customers.

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Become a partner for our smart button

The offers for partners

Button Hop was designed to integrate easily with other existing digital solutions. Let's meet to find out how we can collaborate on Button Hop.

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Our vision

The company is a living organism in which communication must be simple and fluid so that all stakeholders can make informed decisions and act without wasting time according to their scope. Thus, the company gains in agility and performance and the employees in autonomy and QWL.

We meet ?

Working together

They trust us

Button Hop helps our clients' teams improve their quality of life at work and their daily productivity.

We work with the field teams (method engineer, quality manager, lean manager, local manager), but also with the IT departments and the strategy and innovation departments.

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They accompany us

Anchored in the local fabric of entrepreneurship, the Button Hop team can count on these actors of innovation to support, promote and finance this project.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Button Hop and what does it do? Button Hop is a connected button that supports companies in their digital transformation. It can be present in the form of a box, a tablet and mobile application. The Button Hop simplifies information feedback and automates internal procedures to save time for operators. Thanks to it, companies improve the quality of life at work of their operators as well as their productivity.
How does it work? The box has been eco-designed to consume as little energy as possible, which allows it to operate on AA batteries, in full autonomy for 10 years or 10,000 pushes. It transmits information via the IoT network, LTE-M, dedicated to smart city and smart industry.
How do I use Button Hop? Button Hop is easy to use. Just press one of the 8 buttons on the box to trigger a predefined scenario. Thanks to its visual management, no need for training, one glance is enough to know which button to press.
What do I need to use it? The connected box does not require any specific installation for the company. Once you receive it, you just put it in place and it works.
What are the main uses of this device? The main uses of this button are the feedback of information, the recording of events, the placing of orders and the request of interventions. But this is a non-exhaustive list, you may see other uses.
What are the business benefits? Button Hop is a real time saver for your business. We estimate that you save about 20 minutes with each press. Moreover, we allow you to gain in productivity by automating your processing and error management. In addition, we also allow you to gain in quality of life at work by reducing your travel risk. In short, your return on investment will be increased thanks to our solution.
What is the difference between this device and other connected devices? The difference between our boiter and another connected box is that we configure your box to measure with your business processes. It allows you to manage up to 8 scenarios. Moreover, you have the control to make changes, no need to recruit an IT team. In addition, you don't need a wifi or Ethernet connection to operate it, so there are no construction costs. It is also important to know that we own the electronic board and we have it manufactured in France.
How do I install it? You receive the box pre-configured, you just have to place it as close as possible to the workstation and start using it.
Is it compatible with all our devices? Yes, our connected button is compatible with all your devices. It is connected to your webservices, your FTP servers, your emails, your business software, your SMS and your collaborative tools.
How long does it last? The autonomy of the box is 10 years or 10,000 presses. You receive a notification when it is time to change the batteries.
Does it work in all environments? We have tested it in different environments: Submarine base, boat hold, near rotating machinery, in the countryside, in the city... and we didn't find any place where the LTE-M network didn't pass.  Orange indicates a coverage of +99% of the population in metropolitan France for this network.