Smart IoT device for Supply Chain

The supply chain is the heart of the company.

Button Hop solution with Smart Button, Tablet application and back office

Optimize logistics

Managing the company's flows requires constant attention to ensure that each step is carried out in accordance with its four fundamental pillars: resources, costs, deadlines and quality.

Install Button Hop on operators' workstations to enhance their business expertise and make them responsible for managing their activity.

The means

They can thus carry out, in autonomy, the restocking of edge of line, by placing an order at the time when they need it.

The manager only receives an alert in case of stock shortage, for example, so that he can intervene quickly to offer the operator another alternative.

The quality

When the operator identifies faults, he can signal them with a simple press.

1,2,3 supports and Hop, a message is sent directly to the quality department, by email, via collaborative tools, or by SMS so that it can intervene without delay.

The information is traced so that it can be analyzed and production can be improved.

The deadlines

Since Button Hop is placed close to the workstation, there is no need to make long trips into hazardous areas to transmit information. The operator stays focused on his core business and saves time to do it. This way, he can keep up with the pace and meet the deadlines.

And then, it is more pleasant for the operator to take a break on the planned times in order to take full advantage of it and not to have in mental load the work that he will have to catch up on his return  !

Its productivity will be even more efficient.

The costs

Production downtime has a real financial impact on the company.

Button Hop allows operators to identify them (number, downtime) and quickly analyze them to find solutions to reduce them.

These are only a few examples of supply chain improvement, challenge us on your issues and test Button Hop at home.